The future of your union is at stake on June 18th.

As a workforce, we've accomplished a lot in just 2 years under Terrys leadership, and we're just getting started. With COVID winding down we are getting back to fixing the systemic issues here in the Town as well as working on a new contract with REAL RAISES.

We ask for your support as we continue to make the Town great again!

A record of accomplishments

Payroll Lag Agreement

In late 2019 the Town planned for the implementation of a new payroll system. The new system required a 1 week pay lag which would have left members without pay for 5 days. Terry and her team negotiated with the Town fiercely and successfully. The result was an agreement where members were fronted vacation days to keep paychecks whole. In addition to not a single days pay loss we were able to obtain an additional floating holiday every year permanently added to the contract. By standing firm and an unwillingness to give into the Gillen administrations threats, we were able to turn a payroll lag (which traditionally has negative impacts on employees) into a net positive for our members.

COVID-19 Safety Measures & Compensation

Ensuring the health, safety and financial status of all members is always our chief concern. At the beginning of the pandemic, we set out to deem as many departments “non-essential” as possible to allow us the time to negotiate with the Town to institute the state-mandated protocols for a safe return to work. While many members were safely at home and receiving a full salary, our next goal was to ensure that employees deemed essential and required to report to work by the Town received some kind of fair compensation. We fought for and won additional comp time not only for the full-timers but for the first time in history part-timers received comp time as well.

When employees started to return to work Terry’s Team further negotiated for the adoption of A/B schedules that kept members socially distanced by working alternate weeks as the Town implemented social distancing protections and protocols throughout the departments. We also worked out an agreement with the supervisor to ensure that members who were quarantined were covered regardless of how many instances.

Not only did we meet the minimum COVID standards set forth by the State, but we exceeded them in virtually all aspects.

While many municipalities throughout the state instituted layoffs or intermittent furloughs which force workers to stay home without pay, we are proud of the fact that not one Local 880 member had a negative financial impact throughout the pandemic. Despite all the obstacles Terry’s Team faced, in December when NY was impacted with a second COVID wave, we were again able to negotiate a reinstitution of the A/B schedule which allowed workers to be socially distanced for an additional 4 months during the height of the surge. Because of these measures, Local 880 and the Town of Hempstead were able to achieve some of the lowest levels of COVID spread among employees in the state.

Breaks During Snow Operations

In the winter of 2021, Terry’s Team was (for the first time ever) able to successfully negotiate a break plan for snow emergency operators. Previously, MAYBE after 20 hrs a break was received. This team was the first team in history that negotiated fair and equitably to have breaks occur after only 10 or 12 hours of operations.

Benefits for Part-Timers

For far too long, part-timers in our Local have had little to look forward to besides a paycheck while being an integral part of the operations within our workforce.

During COVID-19 agreement negotiations, Terry’s Team held their ground and successfully kicked through the door that had been sealed shut for decades. For the first time in Town of Hempstead history part-timers received benefits beyond their paychecks while working during the pandemic.

As we move foward we will be seeking to gain additional benefits for part-timers as part of your employment terms so that you will benefit from our next C.B.A.

New, Better Contract Incoming!

Even with all these trying times, we are still on track with contract negotiations and we anticipate delivering one of the most well-rounded packages in recent years - before the expiration of the current contract!


Post-Pandemic, our mission is to continue building upon the list of accomplishments we have made in the past two years. We are committed to seeking changes that would not only make sense for all members financially but changes that will help make the Town a better place to work. It is only with Terry’s Team in which that list and our workforce, will continue to grow.


Theresa Kohutka


Mike Errico

Exec. Vice President

Eric Faraone

1st Vice President

Pete Giordano

2nd Vice President

John Flanagan

3rd Vice President

Morris Ware Jr.

4th Vice President

Claudine Hall

5th Vice President

Robert "Bo" Bogacki


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